Kobe Escort List of Hotels available for dispatch


If you need a card key to go in and out, please come to pick me up in front of the entrance. It is written in bold.

Since it takes time to move, I recommend making a reservation in advance in order to use it at your desired time.

Hotel Okura Kobe

Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel


ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe, an IHG Hotel

Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland

The Royal Park Canvas - Kobe Sannomiya


Daiwa Roynet Hotel KOBE-SANNOMIYA

Hotel Monterey Kobe

Hotel Plaza Kobe

Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers

Deliver charge (Osaka city only ) / 1,000 JPY~

🟣 1,000 JPY
Central Osaka City (Kita Ward, Chuo Ward, Nishi Ward, Naniwa Ward, Tennoji Ward, Miyakojima Ward)

🟢 2,000 JPY
Osaka City (Abeno Ward, Fukushima Ward, Nishinari Ward, Yodogawa Ward, Higashiyodogawa Ward, Asahi Ward, Joto Ward, Higashinari Ward, Ikuno Ward)

🟠 3,000 JPY
Osaka City (areas other than the above)

Dispatch is possible with a course of 120 minutes ( 90 min 33000 yen ) or more

🔵 4,000 JPY
Kita Ward Sakai City, Sakai Ward Sakai City, Suita City, Ikeda City, Ibaraki City, Toyonaka City, Higashiosaka City, Moriguchi City, Kadoma City, Minoh City, Settsu City, Matsubara City, Daito City, Yao City, Amagasaki City

Dispatch is possible with a course of 120 minutes ( 120 min 45000 yen ) or more

🔴 5,000 JPY
Sakai City (other than Kita Ward and Sakai Ward), Sayama City, Kashiwara City, Fujiidera City, Takatsuki City, Hirakata City, Neyagawa City, Shijonawate City, Katano City, Habikino City, Takaishi City, Takarazuka City, Nishinomiya City, Itami City, Tondabayashi City, Izumi City, Izumisano City, Kishiwada City, Kaizuka City, Kawachinagano City, Izumiotsu City

Dispatch is possible with a course of 120 minutes ( 120 min 45000 yen ) or more

🟡 Consultation area
Kobe City, near Kyoto Minami Interchange, Wakayama City, Nara City (varies depending on location)

Here you will find hotels that are frequently used by our customers. Please feel free to contact me so that I can check whether I can dispatch to hotels that are not listed here.

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escorts.ninja Kuon riri 久遠 莉々 Japanese escort in Kyoto

escorts.ninja Kuon riri 久遠 莉々 Japanese escort in Kobe

Kobe is a port town that represents Japan. This area is recommended for its exotic and stylish atmosphere.

Speaking of Kobe, many attractive spots are concentrated around Sannomiya, such as the beautiful night view of Mt. Rokko and Kobe Port, the exotic Ijinkan, the former foreign settlement, and Chinatown in Motomachi.

The time we spend together at the hotel is also special. Not only is the night view beautiful, but there are also long-established hotels that blend into the Western-style townscape and hotels with hot springs.

Why not take advantage of the romantic night view of Kobe and have an unforgettable hotel stay?